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Bring new learning solutions into the classroom without giving up the possibilities offered by the good old blackboard or the classic whiteboard. Benefit from an up-to-date installation and simple and efficient connectivity with interactive screens. Feel comfortable with a highly versatile installation that can be customized to your needs for your classrooms and learning rooms. Specialized training products at the cutting edge of technology will be offered to optimize your courses and your time.


We offer user training. Whether it is for the use of videoconferencing software (Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, etc.) or for the use of audiovisual and multimedia infrastructures, our specialists prepare training programs adapted to the systems used in your company. These trainings aim to make users autonomous, save time and thus reduce stress for employees during meetings or presentations.


The distribution and telematical pre-cabling in your companies and apartments are very important for your future. We suggest high technology solutions for networks, wifi, IP & AV distribution in your offices or your homes, and structured cabling (copper and optical fibre). We are also available for consultations and to give advice on your multimedia subscriptions.


Prior to, during, or after a project, plan for a check-up of your multimedia systems. For your conference rooms, classrooms, auditories or simply your offices and open spaces, all the tips, the advice, the recommendations and the technical optimisation of your devices will be provided. Together we will also find the best offers of multimedia services while respecting your budget.


Today, videoconferencing is not just a high-tech gadget.  It is a major performance tool for meetings. Make things easier with a simple solution for the users and the administrator by integrating a video-conferencing device in your rooms and offices. Today, the solutions developed by CSAV allow you to plan and reserve your videoconferences in advance, the company takes care of the rest.


Specialists in multimedia facility, we will help you find the best options for your audiovisual projects such as cinema rooms, TV installation, multi-room sound systems and smart home technology systems based around your needs, your habits or routines, and your constraints. We will accompany you throughout the whole procedure, form the development of the project to its realisation. If needed, we will take care of contacting other companies needed for the project, to save you the extra work. The schematic work and the documentation will also be taken care of by us.

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