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Learning systems for schools, universities and training centers are essential for providing an interactive and immersive learning experience for students. Touch screens, cameras and microphones allow teachers to deliver online or face-to-face courses effectively. Students can also actively participate in classes with interactive features such as virtual whiteboards and chat sessions.

CS Audiovisuel can help you design and implement classrooms that meet your specific needs, taking into account factors such as room size, number of students and available budget.



Training on video conferencing systems is essential for businesses looking to keep their staff comfortable and performing well. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams and others can help businesses maintain productivity by allowing employees to communicate in real time, regardless of their geographic location.

Training can help employees understand how to effectively use features like screen sharing, instant messaging and online meeting management. Trainers can also help employees troubleshoot common technical issues associated with using these systems, such as connection problems and audio and video quality issues.


The importance of a well infrastructure multimedia and audiovisual infrastructure cannot be underestimated in modern companies and organizations. A well-planned infrastructure ensures an efficient installation, smooth collaboration and a high-quality presentation system.

Network and HDMI cables are essential for fast and reliable transmission of real-time audio and video. Quality connectors ensure smooth integration of AV equipment, such as monitors, cameras and microphones.

Professional installation of quality cables and connectors enables fast and secure data transmission, while careful planning of the AV infrastructure can facilitate optimal use of available AV equipment.


Consulting and advice on audio-visual and multimedia equipment is essential for companies looking to improve their communication and collaboration over distance.

Consulting and advisory experts can help companies find the best equipment for their specific needs, taking into account factors such as room size, number of participants and available budget.

Businesses can improve their efficiency in remote communication and collaboration with superior audio visual and multimedia equipment. Professional installation and configuration advice can help optimize the performance of business meetings and ensure a productive remote working experience.


Video conferencing facilities have become indispensable for many businesses. Among the most popular platforms are Zoom and Teams. These solutions offer advanced features such as screen sharing, whiteboards and virtual meeting rooms.

To enhance the video conferencing experience, it is recommended to use quality equipment such as QSYS or Logitech systems. This equipment allows for better audio and video quality, which improves communication and collaboration from a distance.

All in all, a comprehensive and high quality video conferencing setup can help businesses maintain effective communication between their employees, customers and partners, no matter where they are located.


Professional audiovisual and multimedia facilities are a key element of any modern conference room. For effective communication, high quality picture and sound is essential. Screens, professional quality cameras and conference microphones allow participants to clearly see and hear presenters and other participants.

In addition, the integration of control systems can facilitate the use of this equipment, allowing users to change sources, adjust the volume and control the lighting in the conference room with the touch of a button.

CS Audiovisuel can help companies design and implement conference rooms that meet their needs, taking into account various factors.

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