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CS Audiovisuel was created to make accessing audiovisual and quality multimedia easier for professionals and private clients. Its objective is also to suggest complete installations from start to finish, totally ideal for targeted uses. A unique intervention, which will relieve you in your project, is made possible thanks to our alliances with different companies.


The experience of combining different services will ensure a perfect synchronisation of your technical projects from A to Z. C Services provides quality facility respecting a correct rate according to your budget and your needs.


CSAV is a company that provides all the necessary services so it delivers a complet project that is functional, without you needing to synchronise the different tasks of the different companies. We maintain close contact with local companies that we have carefully chosen for our customers.


From the electrical facility to computer solutions, thinking obviously of the audiovisual effect and the visual design, we are capable of grouping all useful competences for your projects.

Technician and multimedia project head, working in the audiovisual and telecommunication branch for 10 years, Jérôme takes care of the entire conception and realisation of multiple technical projects.


After his CFC studies as an electrician in multimedia, Jérôme worked for various companies as a multimedia and audiovisual employee. During this period, he was able to increase his knowledge and specialised with different courses and certifications in many audiovisual sectors and as a project manager. He has also created multimedia systems for demanding clients, either commercial or private.


With his experiment and professionalism, he has been able to satisfy entirely the many different companies for who he has worked: services industriels de Lausanne (SIL) in the management of the tv channels and optical fibre and other companies that work on the development and management of multimedia facilities and audiovisual equipment.

Therefore, in 2019, he decided to offer his services as an indépendant and created his own company for his private and professional clients.


Jérôme has for instance managed to enquire the experience and the necessary skills to study, plan, estimate a budget concerning the operations and conduct a project form start to finish.


He also can be hired as a multimedia consultant by different companies to find necessary solutions and costs. His flexibility and his helpfulness enable him to adapt to any type of environment or situation. He will be able to find the best audiovisual services, form the most classical installations to the most demanding, he will take care of synchronising the different companies to satisfy a private or commercial client.


If you need something specific or any other information, do not hesitate to contact us: CS Audiovisuel.


During his years of experience, he was able to acquire multiple certificates linked to different brands, providers and developing companies like Creston, Extron, Swisscable, R&M, EXFO, etc. You will find examples below.

Au fil de notre parcours, nous avons acquis plusieurs certifications propres aux différentes marques, fournisseurs et entreprises de développement, telles que Crestron, QSC & Q-SYS, Extron, Swisscable, R&M, EXFO, etc.

En cas de besoins spécifiques et pour toutes informations supplémentaires n'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec nous ICI.

Crestron AV programmation
Crestron distribution vidéo
Certification installation Q-SYS
Installation Extron AV conférence
rm_freenet Gestionnaire Installation OC.

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