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CS Audiovisuel is a multi-technical company, located in Sullens in the canton of Vaud, between Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains, our geographical location allows us to intervene in all regions of French-speaking Switzerland.

We provide audiovisual and multimedia installation and integration services and offer a wide range of services for organizations seeking to improve their communication, collaboration and presentation. Here are some examples of the services we offer:


  • Design and installation of audio visual systems for conference rooms, auditoriums and classrooms. This includes the supply and installation of equipment such as touch screens, projectors, professional quality cameras, microphones and sound systems.

  • Planning and implementation of video conferencing systems for organizations that have employees working remotely or in remote offices. This includes the provision of video conferencing equipment such as cameras, microphones and monitors, as well as the configuration of video conferencing software such as Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

  • The installation of sound systems for auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms, meeting rooms and auditoriums. This includes the supply and installation of professional quality speakers, audio mixing systems and digital signal processors.

  • Planning and implementation of digital signage solutions for businesses looking to broadcast important information in real time. This includes the supply and installation of digital displays, as well as the configuration of content management software.

  • Training and support: installation and integration companies can provide training to end users to maximize the use of their AV equipment. They can also provide technical support to resolve common technical issues.

  • Maintenance and service: Installation and integration companies can provide maintenance and service to ensure the proper functioning of audiovisual equipment.

In short, CS Audiovisual offers a range of services to enhance communication, collaboration and presentation for organizations. These services include the design and installation of audiovisual systems for conference rooms, auditoriums and classrooms, as well as the planning and implementation of video conferencing, public address and digital signage systems.

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CS Audiovisual can provide a variety of high quality brands and systems to enhance the audiovisual experience in businesses and educational institutions. Some examples of brands and systems include:

  • QSYS : a digital audio and video processing system for a high-quality experience.

  • Sennheiser : microphones and headsets for clear and precise audio communications.

  • Logitech : cameras for high-quality video conferencing.

  • Atlona : Video switching and distribution equipment for smooth presentations.

  • Sony : High-quality displays and projectors for immersive presentations and visual experiences.

  • Panasonic : video conferencing and projection equipment for real-time communication.

  • Epson : high definition projectors for vibrant and engaging presentations.

  • Televic : simultaneous interpretation systems for smooth multilingual communication.

  • Barco : Image processing and visualization equipment for exceptional visual experiences.

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